Use Case: Theatrical Production with eleXom

Sven Kubeile and his team from WKTheater, Germany, have used eleXom instead of an expensive intercom system. During the performance of 'Terror', a play by Ferdinand von Schirach, eleXom was used as communication tool between production management, camera, light and sound engineers.

eleXom makes audio streaming in realtime possible. Through its brand-new desktop version, it is even more stable and flexible than before, because users have the possibility to connect more devices with each other. During the stage play, all members of the production team were able to communicate fast and reliable with each other. Thanks to eleXom group function, multiple team members are able to talk to each other at the same time, by just one click.

How eleXom helped

These eleXom Features made Sven's team happy:

-   Audio assistant
-   Group function
-   talk to individuals at the same time
-   good audio quality
-   dedicated line
-   no need of additional infrastructure
-   eleXom is affordable

  Sven's Summary about eleXom:
'My team and me, we are very happy about eleXom software! The basic concept is awesome, as well as its realisation! For the future I wish and hope that Alexander and his team will implement a vibration function just in case, communication participants are not always wearing their headsets.'


WKTheater is an amateur theatre, which was founded 1989 by 'Dachverein des Waldbröler Kulturtreffs' (WKT) in Germany. The ensemble consits of amateurs and semi-professionals of different age categories. All ensemble members get basic education and already have large stage experience.

In November 2013, the WKTheater won the 'Cultural Promotion Award' in the category 'Performing Art'.

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