auXala (formerly known as CAST) - Release 1.1.0

We have added an unique, brand new webinterface with a lot of new and unique features which allows permanent and actual monitoring and controlling of all features:

Main Display Unique Live Monitor and control panel with dynamic graphic display Monitor and control features:

  • Monitor the number of current user: listening and connected in numbers
  • Monitor the number of maximum listening and connected user per session
  • Monitor the network input/output load in kB/s
  • Monitor the input level with a graph
  • Monitor the output signal at the audio output of your device in real time!!
  • Monitor the actual IP address of your device
  • Monitors actual license-code and indicates “alarm” one day before license expire
  • Mute the stream [on the fly] (button turns red when stream is muted)

Settings Display Settings & Features

  • Change the picture of the stream [on the fly]
  • Change the name of the stream [on the fly]
  • Change the audio quality (48kHz <-> 24kHz) [on the fly]
  • Change the audio mode to Voice or Music optimization [on the fly]
  • Delete license to change/renew license code
  • Direct link to open the webinterface in the browser

auXala software 1.1.0 Features & Bug fixes

  • reduced required bandwidth to about 11 kB/s for each user in 48kHz (HIGH) audio quality
  • improved network connectivity and resource management
  • improved license activation procedure along with better error messages
  • fixed several network bugs

Responsive & mobile friendly The web interface can also be viewed in the browser on any device, including your mobile phone which allows you to remotely monitor and control your stream.