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FLUX Mobile Requirements

FLUX Mobile Requirements

1. Minimum System Requirements

  • iOS v 8.0 or higher

  • Android 4.2 or higher (arm/armeabi-v7a only)

  • Compatible cabled headset with microphone

Our system is designed to work cross-platform, which means, you are able to use iOS and Android devices at the same time. To improve the usage of FLUX we recommend to use professional headsets and to disable all background services like Bluetooth etc. on the devices, because these services require a lot of computing power. 

2. Headsets

We recommend professional, cabled headsets with a microphone. Currently we cannot provide support for Bluetooth headsets - but we are working on it.

3. Delay

The delay is about 40ms for iOS devices. The delay on Android devices depends on the device being used, but should be in the range of 40-100ms. 

4. Sound Quality

We use mono full band 48KHz, 16bit HiFi quality.

5. Bandwidth Usage

Our patented network technology adapts bandwidth usage based on the network environment. You should calculate about 20 kilobyte/sec for each stream of audio, so Push-to-Talk takes about 20 kilobyte/sec (half duplex) and a permanent connection about 40 kilobyte/sec - per user.

6. Excluded Devices

Currently we are aware that the following devices are NOT compatible with our software due to technical reasons:

  • Asus Zenfone 5

  • Blackberry (All Models)

  • Intel (All Models)

  • Alcatel One Touch 

7. Support

Please contact us at