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What is FLUX why should I use it?

FLUX is the worldwide first local audio intercom solution for mobile devices without internet.

FLUX software allows to connect mobile devices (iOS and Android) through a local WiFi network. FLUX allows you to communicate in realtime and super HiFi quality, without any additional infrastructure, server or internet.

FLUX is flexible as people can easily join the communication by bringing their own device! FLUX software was developed as an alternative to common radio systems. The patented technology allows much broader use cases due to its functions. FLUX can be used wherever team communication is needed, it brings walkie-talkies and intercom systems onto mobile devices.

How to get FLUX started?

FLUX only needs a few steps to set up.
Make sure that your network is FLUX ready and your mobile apps are compatible.

  1. Download FLUX application. Purchase multiuser license at In-App Store

  2. Connect with WiFi (all devices have to be connected to the same, FLUX ready, WiFi)

  3. Scan your licence with the included QR-Code Scanner within FLUX mobile app to activate your licence.

  4. Start your conversation. Use headsets to avoid feedback.

Where can I use FLUX?

FLUX can be used wherever (team) communication is needed. It can replace Intercom Systems and Walkie-Talkies and can be used at:

  • Events

  • Conferences

  • Healthcare

  • Sports

  • Smart Home

  • Hotels

  • Houses of Worship

  • Retail

  • Logistics

Does the app require 3G/LTE/Internet to work?

No, FLUX software works completely offline. FLUX runs in wired and wireless networks. We recommend to use professional WiFi systems like Ruckus, Cisco, Ubiquiti.

Where can I download FLUX?

FLUX app for mobile can be downloaded here. Licences can be purchased at In-App Store.

What is the difference between FLUX and other intercom systems?

FLUX is the most flexible intercom solution that exists – easy, fast and reliable. 

Peer-to-peer based super fast intercom solution with automated network discovery. 

Bring your own device. Our software works on iOS, Android devices.

Enjoy half, full and multi-duplex conversations without delays in best HiFi sound quality. 

We guarantee secure offline communication. No need of being online.

 Can the system be extended?

Yes, bring your own device and join the communication immediately!

  1. Download FLUX application on your device(s)

  2. Connect your device(s) with WiFi (all devices have to be connected to the same WiFi network)

  3. Purchase licences from the In-App Store. (2 user are free of costs)

  4. Start your conversations

  5. If you can't find other devices, please restart FLUX application.

What about my private data?

Nothing happens to your personal data as FLUX works completely offline. You don’t even have to login – optionally you can type in your name and function.

Can FLUX be set up to ring so I can choose to pick up or not?

FLUX connects in a direct way with other devices. There is no ring, but you can turn off auto connection, so you have to accept before someone can talk to you.

How can FLUX be muted?

There are 2 possibilities to mute:

  • Mute others: 

    • turn the volume down

    • remove all available lines

    • close the app 

  • Mute myself: 

    • turn the micro off

If FLUX is not started but someone tries to talk to me, is there an automated notification for the sender?

There is no automated notification for the sender, but if FLUX app is not started or the WiFi connection is lost, your line on the screen of the devices turns grey and no one is able to talk to you. If you start FLUX app or if you get WiFi connection back, your line will turn blue again - which means that you are available.


I cannot find other users, why?

    1. Make sure that your WiFi meets our network requirements.

    2. Make sure that your mobile devices meet our minimum requirements.

    3. Connect all devices to the same WiFi

    4. If your device can’t find the other devices, restart FLUX application. 

      In case that you are still not able to find other users, please contact us.

What are the minimum requirements for the WiFi network?

See our network requirements for more information.

What are the minimum requirements for the devices?

See our mobile requirements for more information.

What is the operation range?

The operation range depends on the range and quality of the network (WiFi or wired) used. The range of the network can be extended and improved by using a higher quality network hardware.

How long is the delay?

The connection speed depends on the devices and networks used and are roughly about 40ms on iOS devices and slightly higher on Android devices.

I am receiving audio feedback, what is wrong?

For best sound quality and to avoid feedback we recommend to use wired headsets with implemented microphone.

What kind of headsets are supported?

FLUX works with any headset that has a 3.5mm audio jack. Currently we do not support Bluetooth Headsets for performance and stability reasons. For usage of the remote control feature, the headset is required to have a mute button. 
Visit our partner site to get your FLUX headset.

Are Bluetooth headsets supported?

Currently we do not support Bluetooth headsets.

How can I remote control FLUX application?

Use the button of your headset (mute button) to remote control FLUX application. 


  • Tap the key once to talk to the elected line.

  • Tap it twice repeatedly to move forward from one line to the next.

  • Tap it three times consecutively to switch back to the previous line


  • Tap it twice repeatedly to start the remote mode. The first line becomes highlighted.

  • Tap the key once to talk to the selected line.

  • Tap it twice repeatedly to move forward from one line to the next.

  • Tap it three times consecutively to switch back to the previous line. 

    If you need professional headsets, visit our partner site

Does FLUX work over VPN?

Yes, FLUX runs in any VPN-configured network, if following criteria are met: 

  • Client-Isolation: OFF

  • Multi-Cast: ON

    Multi-Cast is forwarded on

    For more information about VPN please contact us directly at

How long is the battery life and how can it be improved?

Battery life depends on the device you are using. You could take a power bank with you, to make sure you will have enough battery for the event. If you want to save battery, simply lock your device and FLUX runs in the background. You can also turn off services like Bluetooth and close apps to save your battery.

Is there a group function?

iOS and Android (Mobile):
Yes - we offer a group function for FLUX when using mobile devices. Drag and drop the participants into your group.


I tried the free app and I love it, how can I remove the user limitation?

The free app is limited to a max. of 2 users (you + 1 other) to evaluate and test our system. 
For professional use and removing the user limitation, you have to purchase licenses from the In-App Store including all features are unlocked.

What are the advantages of purchasing a license?

You get all features unlocked and you are able to talk to everyone within the same network without ads.

Are licenses compatible with the free version?

Yes. Every device using FLUX will be compatible with all other devices. The free version is limited for 2 users (you + 1 other). Please note, that the free version has certain restrictions which can be unlocked by purchasing a license at the In-App Store.

Do you offer white label solutions?

Yes, please contact us.

How many licenses do I need?

For each device, you have to purchase 1 license. 
For instance, your team consists of 5 persons and all of them want to be connected via FLUX - you need 5 licenses in total.