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Our Mission.

With our services, we bring the world of audio streaming into the future.
— Alexander kraenkl, ceo

About uS

Our CEO has 30 years of experience in the professional audio world, and has seen it from various angles. As the sophistication of events increased, audio technology seemed to be lagging behind. That is why we decided to embark on a road towards innovating audio technology. The team at LINEAPP comes from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about audio and the technology involved with it.

In 2014, a team of developers dedicated endless hours towards developing the solutions that would later become auXala and FLUX. Ever since its founding, the company has worked with one goal in mind: Bringing the world of audio streaming and technology into the future.

We have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients such as: conferences, event organisers, production teams, houses of worship, art exhibitions, government agencies, interpreting agencies, and more. Our wide array of experience allows us to be dynamic and professional when working with our clients.


Founder & CEO Alexander Kraenkl

Alexander Kraenkl is the founder and CEO of the innovative and award-winning products auXala and FLUX by LINEAPP. He attended the Academy for Communication Engineering in Austria, and after his degree he started to work in the audio/video industry. By 2018, Alexander had many years of expertise in technical engineering, due to more than 30 years of involvement in the professional audio industry. Alex’s career started by building-up Sennheiser, Shure, Barco and several other pro-audio/video brands in Austria, Bulgaria, Rumania and ex-Yugoslavia.
Alexander and his team’s greatest moment so far was supporting the Lyconet Elite Conference at O2 arena in Prague and Krakow, setting-up auXala enterprise solution to stream 16 languages to the mobile devices of more than 20,000 attendees.

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