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Offline audio streaming by our groundbreaking patented technology.

Desktop and mobile Intercom Solution. Formerly known as LINEAPP Walkie-Talkie Intercom.

Audio Broadcast Solution.

Portable WiFi Guide Solution.

Press Coverage and Testimonials.

"When I first checked LINEAPP FLUX, I thought: ‘That’s clever!’. Which is usually a good start. There is nothing much to explain here, turn your smartphone into a walkie-talkie and communicate with your team without calling them without relying on cell reception. What you need is a wifi connection. Bear in mind, not an internet connection. Just a wifi network and voila. Free for up to 2 users."

Julius Solaris

"We chose to use LINEAPP FLUX instead of a traditional overhead speaker paging system for our pediatric therapy clinic. We purchased Android tablets, mounted them to the walls in each room, and run LINEAPP on each of them to work as a room-to-room PA system. Using the 'Groups' feature, we can also speak to 'All' tablets in the event of an emergency. This system allows our children to maintain focus during therapy sessions and it also saved us a lot of money."

Michelle Mitcham, Speech Language Pathologist & Owner

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Top 10 Event Trend for 2016

eAward 2016 prize winner

Winner Event Technology Awards 2016