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Desktop and mobile Intercom Solution.

Audio Broadcast Solution.

Portable WiFi Guide Solution.

Our Technology

  • Our patented and award-winning technology allows you to stream audio directly from one device to another - without internet connection or server, completely offline. No additional hardware needed.

  • Our products are designed to function exclusively in an offline environment that you control. We can provide best privacy and security, thanks to our technology.

  • Devices which run our software are instantly and automatically discovered within the network and you will be able to start streaming right away.

  • We made our software with flexibility in mind. Need to include another person into your intercom? Need to setup a few more streams? We are good to go.

  • Enjoy our audio streams in best HiFi audio quality and lowest delay. Our products are fine-tuned to offer the best quality.

  • Bring your own device - we want you to use the system that you love! Whether it's iOS, Android, Mac or Windows. You can mix them, as you like.

Fields of Application

Bring your own device & use your existing WiFi network.


Offline audio streaming at events. Save time and money, use your inhouse WiFi.


Specific communication from room to room via mobile devices and desktops. No annoying loudspeaker announcements anymore.


Our technology turns your PC into a radio station and allows mobile devices to receive the audio stream offline.


No signal at your warehouse? No problem - our technology enables offline communication for easy coordination and fast operations.


Parallel streams of speeches and keynotes - multiple streams in different languages. Just like a wireless translation system.


Walkie-Talkies cover whole channels - not everyone has to listen in! Communicate from cash desk to dressing room and storage, by just one click.


Stressed voice? Comfortable inhouse communication between floors and rooms.


Easily coordinate your catering-team and save yourself time. A happy team makes even happier guests.

Our latest News

Here is an article from Austrian special interest magazine Media Biz with focus on the professional AV industry about using CAST at the 4Gamechanger Festvial in Vienna. This article is written in German and answers the question, why events should use our revolutionary software CAST.



Event organizer Philipp Consemueller wanted to use an innovative easy-to-use solution, to stream all keynote talks directly onto mobile devices. Together with Robert Grabner and Nina Kaiser from the Puls4-team, they thought: ‘What could be more pleasant than being able to move around at an event ...


On the 25th and 26th of April 2017 the 4th „International B2B Software Days – The Future of Digital Business“ took place at the Economic Chamber in Vienna.

The event was organised by the Enterprise Europe Network Austria, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the Austrian Economic Chamb...


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Desktop and mobile Intercom Solution.

Audio Broadcast Solution.

Portable WiFi Guide Solution.